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Terre Blanche HOTEL SPA GOLF RESORT lighting project

Discover our latest lighting project

The extraordinary Christmas garden

The JPW team wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS
we will be back on monday january 2nd 2017


Luminescent glass bud species, from the Pili family, powered by fiber optic, cultivated for there soft golden glow.
Soil : any type indoor or outdoor
Light exposure : at night and in full sun
Maintenance : none
Planting and flowering : all year round

JPW’s light Bulb

Jean-Philippe Weimer pays homage to the famous inventor Mr. Thomas Edison.

James Basson rewarded by the SGD award

Our landscape designer partner James Basson won the SGD (Society home garden) international garden award for his work on the “Canebiers”. This garden was entirely illuminated by JPW.