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The Cornflowers of the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

We invite you to go for a walk at day or at night  in the heart of this magical place that is the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire. We have sowed our colorful glass cornflowers in its large tropical greenhouse It is with great honor that we have invested the place, this castle and center of historical arts organizes each year the international festival of gardens hosting the flagship landscapers of the moment … until 05 November 2017 visit the gardens of the […]


Bulbi is directly inspired by nature: from the astonishing curves of the garlic flower. The bulb has been redesigned to give birth to this stripped molten glass with an Art-Deco look at day and lupine flower at night. Thanks to its copper wires, Bulbi wraps around and adapts to the support he finds on his way, he climbs on a trellis, hangs on a pergola … At the bend of a garden path, hides this Extraordinary luminous plant, that once […]

JPW’s light Bulb

Jean-Philippe Weimer pays homage to the famous inventor Mr. Thomas Edison.

Etii the Epiphyte’s new born

Etii is a miniature lamp that you can hang anywhere you feel like it, outside or inside. Thanks to its narrow beam, Etii will reveal and sublimate your plants, flowers and sculptures with a touch of golden light