Jean-Philippe Weimer is a dreamer of realities. His feet are grounded while his head gravitates among the stars.

His free spirit express itself in large projects as well as minimalist installations. He enjoys the unknown, the curiosity, the experimentation, the fantasy, the challenge, the creation, the silence and most of it all nature. He communicates fully with the space and those that live in it. From this inherent agreement emerges beautiful objects, elegant and surprising forms that capture light and evanescent moments.

I chose the light and night.

Their meeting is an endless emotion.

JPW is intuitive, creative and perfectionnist, his concept is to play the paradox.

JPW invents spectacular light scenes while at the same time the technological aspect is bound to be unnoticed. He draws majestic objects and generates luminous infusions discreet and refined. He magnifies the details to emplify our vision towards amazement.

Each garden contains its own poetry. Each light needs its design. Each effect requires its proper tools.