You have to be a great observer of nature to harmonize lighting and landscape in such a way. The JPW’s collections come from the endless source of his comprehension of a garden setting. His objects are fully linked with the vegetal, mineral and architectural elements and create a harmonious pollination of light. Some light fixtures fall in love with the trees. They wrap themselves in the softness of their branches. Some Light fixtures inspire walks in the moonlight. Others wave above shrubs and flowerbeds, creating luminous shapes. The light fixtures are assembled by hand in the JPW workshop, paying faithful attention to the high level of requirement set by their creator. Certain parts of the lights are crafted by partners chosen for a precious expertise in their field and for a shared love of a well thought and well done work. The installation is completed by the technical lighting team. The collections encompass robustness, delicateness and elegance. They are the concrete accomplishment of a real desire of light.

Catalogue 2018

~ JPW’s light bulb ~

in tribute to the famous inventor Mr. Edison

Download Light Bulb pdf.

~ Epiphyte ~

in celebration of our 20th aniversary

Download Epiphyte pdf.

~ Pili ~

A poetic evocation of the bioluminescence

Download Pili pdf.

~ Sendie ~

Sturdy, modest, essential

Download Sendie pdf.

~ Tobi ~

Stone and light…

Download Tobi pdf.

~ Nursery of lights ~

Magical path to walk in a night garden

Download Nursery of light pdf.

~ Be a bright box ~

Geometrical shape full of  fantasy

Download BBB pdf.

~ Kameleon ~

Lanterns with timeless proportions

Download Kameleon pdf.

~ Kubi Kelly ~

Abstraction, minimalism. Simple and free

Download Kubi Kelly pdf.

~ Lux Volubilis ~

Flexibility, movement, organicity

Download Lux Volubilis pdf.