Kelly Zen lantern

Simple and modern, here are the Kelly Zen lanterns. Scattered in your garden, follow them like japanese steps.

Agapanthus Garden

Last summer, JPW Service team was busy in the fabulous Agapanthe garden of our partner Alexander Thomas

Singapore Garden Festival

It was at the Garden Festival in Singapore last August. We were lucky enough to illuminate James Basson’s garden.

Visit the JPW’s lighting workshop

In the  Var, The light studio is the place where you’ll dive into JPW’s creative world. We invite you to discover this magical space of over 200m² completely dedicated to light.  In night conditions, you will see all of our collections, curiosities  and prototypes and  also the fixtures that have made the company’s history. Ponds, fountains, tree house, suspensions and bright animations, live the childhood dream and come play with light with Jean-Philippe Weimer. Visit by appointment.

Metal spinning Jacques Joudrain

It is in the city of Marseille that Jacques Joudrain perpetuates the craftsmanship of metal spinning.

Back to Living Heritage show 2014

This year again, JPW exposed his recent creations in the Louvre museum.

New collection Epiphyte

The Epiphytes play with the wind.